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Where does time go?

Can it really be 15 months since I last posted on this site? Well, that is about to change! I may even do some vlogs (you know, with video!). In the last year, my heart has been tugged on, broken, wounded and overcome with joy. How's your heart doing?

We were met with fierce opposition to our request for conditional use permits. So much fear to the perceived clients we desire to serve at the Healing Spa. Yet, we prevailed with a 2 year time limit to complete the work. That 2 year kick off was one month before the pandemic shut down. Well House Ministry has been crippled by this virus outbreak, so many hours spent planning only to throw out the plans because of shut downs and event cancellations. The one event had a lukewarm response, so we again go into the secret place of intercession, change tactics, make new plans and move forward. During all of this, my mom was diagnosed with lung cancer. She battled 10 months before taking her last breath. So now we help my dad adjust to life without her, we realize how much she just took care of.

One of our inspirations for the Healing Spa concept is a local Veteran and his family. This summer, fireworks blasts sent his PTSD controlled brain back to battle and he is having a hard time regaining who the Lord created him to be. When a Veteran family is in crisis, it should not take 5 weeks to get any care, programs like the first one he endured should be closed, we pray the 6 month faith-based (non VA controlled) program will reconnect him with his faith and who his Heavenly Father destined him to be. Blessing this family, getting to know them, getting involved with programs has provided us with confirmation that what we seek to do in the Healing Spa is desperately needed and we are on the right path in our unique program design. This keeps us determined to continue to fight for breakthrough for this Healing Spa to become a reality.

Right now, there is so much hesitation to move forward in the unknown, especially until after this election. Those I had hoped would be generous and supportive are turning out not to be. Yet we continue to plan. Scripture says we make the plans, the Lord directs our steps. One thing I am learning through this process is how to recognize which path He is directing me on and which ones I am traveling because they are easier, more comfortable, what others have done or what others tell me to do. I have to eliminate all but the one He directs. I have to learn to navigate in the flow of what the Lord is anointing for such a time as this.

Time may fly by even during this shaky season, but our God transcends time. He can restore the years the locusts have eaten, He multiplies time so we can accomplish all that is needed to complete His works here on earth. As winter approaches, we have decided to invest in a couple space heaters and maybe a portable toilet so we can gather in the building. it may be rustic, but we can worship and pray, we can study the Bible, we can create and teach so that our tools are sharpened during this winter rest season. When spring arrives the plans and the path will be clear and time (our sown seed) will be multiplied and harvested in the financial resources needed for the renovation of these buildings and the revealing of Well House Healing Spa as a place of healing, restoration, renewing of the mind for so many many people.

Are you ready to join us on this journey? Connect with us. I will not be doing email blasts (they cost extra $ we don't have) but I will be regularly blogging as a means to share updates. Please regularly visit our website. Sow your seed (time, talent, resources) and watch it be multiplied. The Lord knows our financial need to make it through until spring paying insurance and utilities - if he places it on your heart to contribute (sow seed), donations can be made via our website or by sending a check to our mailing address.

I love how the Lord works through time. I knew before I started this blog what time I needed to have it done. And just as he promises, always in His perfect timing, I am finished right on time!

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