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Out of the darkness

The last two years have been the darkest years of my life. I am not completely sure why, but I have some good clues I am following. Now, some days the Light is so bright and blinding, I just crawl back in my cave to get away. Other days, the Light is so warm and inviting, I bask in the glow for hours. I find comfort in knowing that in ancient days a King and a Prophet also hid in the darkness of a cave contemplating life, their circumstances and their faith. I find comfort now because I share a common experience with them.

I see how the LORD brought King David and Elijah the Prophet out of the cave and raised them up. Could it be He is doing the same for me? I can feel him wooing, calling, nudging, encouraging and speaking to me through words of those around me. With each step, I gain new territory, new confidence. With each tentative step, I see Him working, directing my path, making my way straight, making sure I am as surefooted as a deer and won't stumble on any rocks. I am not quite ready to soar like an eagle, but this molting season has left me thirsty for more of Him in all that I do.

You see during this time of darkness, I've had a taste of the plans He has for me, I've had a revelation of the hope and the future He has planned and it is way, way, way beyond what I could have truly hoped for or imagined. It is so big and bright, so healing, restorative and transforming I scarce can take it all in.

Take some time this week, examine your own dark cave experience. Have you heard Him calling you out of the dark, into His marvelous light? Do you KNOW the plans He has for you? Do you KNOW how high, wide and deep His love is for you? I used to know it, then I doubted it, now I am learning to once again wholeheartedly embrace it. I know if I didn't, I wouldn't be where I am. Exercise you legs of faith with me - come out of the darkness into His marvelous light, you won't regret it!

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