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Passed over?

Here we are, once again entering a new season. The sun is getting warmer, the days are getting longer, cabin fever has us going outside at every opportunity. I really love springtime!

Just as we enter this season of Passover and Easter - the LORD has been pointing out to me how we can see in His creation the redemption of His people we remember this time of year.

We humans, were created from the soil of the earth (God formed Adam from the earth and breathed life into him). Seeds are planted in the earth. The seeds die, are opened and produce new life, multiplied in the new season. Fruit, abundantly multiplied for an ever increasing harvest. Life goes on in the new season. We see in the natural a rebirth in the trees and plants and animals. The multiplication of the seeds. Simply amazing!

We also remember how the angel of death passed over the houses of Israel because they were protected by the blood of the lamb - this birthed Passover (Pesach). Then came Jesus, the Lamb of God, he was born, grew, and as he marked Passover, he became the final sacrifice for those who believe in Him. He broke the chains of death, to bring us a new life. As we multiply those who are added to the Kingdom (those being saved and added to the Lamb's book of Life) we continue to multiply the fruit of this sacrifice. We celebrate those who lay down their life for Jesus to live through them. The wonder of it can be hard to grasp at times. I marvel at the extravagant beauty of it all.

Yet, there are times we can find ourselves in a rut, in a hole, wondering if we will ever come back to life. Wondering if we have truly been passed over. In some ways we feel dead. We're left wondering when will those passions for God's plans and purposes for our lives spring forward? We have dreams, prophetic words, revelation that give us hope that we don't want to let go of, but we wonder when LORD, I'm not sure I can wait any longer, I'm afraid I'm too old, or I've forgotten, been overlooked, messed up, missed the timing... Wondering if He'll choose someone else for such a time as this.

Take heart, brothers and sisters - it is NOT too late. Those dreams have not died, they are still inside you or wouldn't lament their passing. Your destiny is still alive or you wouldn't long to fulfill it. You are like the seed that just hasn't sprouted to life yet! Seeds have the DNA of God in them, they KNOW what they are, they know their purpose. So do we have the DNA of God is us - His breath is what we breath. Learning to walk out that purpose is not always easy. There are plenty of dry spells, rocks and distractions along the way that challenge us.

Take time this season to cultivate the soil of your heart - give it some scriptural fertilizer, let the LORD water it, prepare yourself (even if the process is hard). We are entering a season full of promise and passion. Overflowing with dreams and destinies being fulfilled. It is all coming together for such a time as this. Shake off the doubt and fear, strap on your armor and fight for what God has given you! You have not been passed over (left behind), you and your dreams and destinies have been protected by the blood of the lamb. Leave Egypt behind, trust the LORD to provide - he has for us immeasurably more that we can hope for or imagine!

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