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In June 2019, our proposal to purchase and restore the old Rushford School site was approved by the school board and Well House Healing Spa was birthed!  Due to title issues, we were unable to close on the sale until the end of September.  Following process delays, the conditional use permits were issued in February 2020 with a two year time limit to get all services up and running.  Then in March 2020, the pandemic hit, effectively crushing any fundraising goals set for 2020.  We relied on selling left behind items to simply pay the industrial rate electrical services (approx. 130 times higher than residential) and liability insurance for the balance of 2020.  Here we are in early 2021 with a renewed sense of urgency to get started.  We see a deep need for emotional healing and mental health services, especially following this pandemic.


This holistic healing center will include a variety of services to address spiritual, emotional and physical needs in a faith-filled environment.  There will be the Upper Room Prayer and Worship area, healing rooms, freedom prayer and counseling services, a variety of creativity and recreational therapy options, a full range of naturopathic services and aromatherapy/herbal remedies, massage, and sauna.  To round out the services there will be a 36 room guest house, with uniquely decorated guest rooms and a specialized limited menu food service providing local, organic menus designed to detox the body during the healing process.  One entire building will be transformed into 12 affordable & transitional housing units with services.  Finally, pay it forward funds will be established to provide complimentary services for specialized groups.  


While we are raising funds, in concert with licensed professionals, we will be developing some specialized programs to address people with PTSD, such as Veterans, first responders, abused and sex trafficked survivors, cancer survivors, their families and caregivers.  Our services will typically be week long and weekend programs focused on specific groups and specific needs.  These programs will provide opportunity for healing, prayer, worship, learning a creative art, engaging in a variety of therapeutic recreational opportunities in our beautiful valley, and partaking in the naturopathic, spa and aromatherapy services as well as educational opportunities focused on holistic health and wellness.  

The video addresses the needs of the building to renovate them into what the vision has become.  Our immediate need is $1.5 million to complete the housing and begin offering our services within the conditional use permit timeline, our next goal is to raise an additional $7 million by late summer of 2021 to renovate the two oldest buildings into the counseling, creativity, educational and treatment spaces , with the remaining $4.5 to complete the guest house needed by mid 2022.

2020 and the COVID pandemic have been devastating to our ministry plans.  At this point, we are in dire need of funding commitments or we will be left with having the lay the vision down and walk away.  The dream still burns within us, we have scaled back the the renovations and will look to make the best of what we have along the way.  So far, grant requests have been unsuccessful.  As the Lord tugs on your heart, please consider a generous donation or a legacy gift.  Would you considering drawing from a 401(k) and have the funds directly given to Well House Ministry?  This will allow the withdrawal to be tax free.  Additionally, please be in prayer for this ministry and how you could volunteer or share the information with others.


In 2006, one of the ministry founders had a dream/vision of flying from her Twin Cities home, over the land and communities to the south, until she came down Pine Creek Valley and landed on a house in the center of Rushford.  Surveying the landscape and community, she heard the Lord say "Sanctuary, house of prayer, this town will be cancer free".   

It is our vision to provide a place of sanctuary, establish a house of prayer and receive the cancer free promise.


Incorporated in 2015 as a 501 (C)3 non-profit organization, our mission is to equip the saints for the work of ministry by supplying living water to all who are thirsty.  


Our heart is to re-present Jesus well in our community by offering holistic healing, especially for those who are battling PTSD, such as Veterans, sex trafficked and abuse survivors, cancer survivors, their families and caregivers in a loving, comfortable environment. 


We are located in a rural community in southeastern Minnesota.  This area has received many prophetic words regarding it being an apostolic hub, a place where oil will be poured into and flow out to the surrounding region, a place with deep wells of revival.  We treasure those words and seek the Lord for wisdom and understanding in carrying them out.


Well House Ministry exists to draw people into their destiny through prayer, healing, restoration and transformation.



105 N. Maple St, Rushford MN 55971

Mailing address:  PO Box 857

Rushford, MN 55971

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